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  1. Getting the Voice of the Customer Right

    Workshop: Dec 3 - 4 / San Diego, CA

    An intensive, two-day seminar on how to design, conduct and analyze customer visits for new product innovation. Learn proven techniques to identify customer needs -- including unmet, unspoken needs -- and significantly boost your product success rate.

  2. Defining Customer Value with VoC

    Conference: Nov 18 - 19 / Atlanta, GA

    A two-day interactive conference on how to develop, implement and reap greater value from your Voice of the Customer initiatives.

  3. The Brand-ABLE Framework - How to Craft a Compelling Brand

    Audio Session: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 1:00pm

    Audio Session on how to craft a meaningful brand position and create sustainable competitive advantage.

  4. Managing Customer Requirements in Volatile Environments

    Audio Session: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 1:00pm

    In this audio session, Preston Smith will guide you through the techniques of Flexible Development that allow developers to respond to new information, thus delivering fresher products to customers.

  5. Technology and Strategy Roadmapping Implementation Kit

    Publication | Posted: 2008-08-01

    The Technology and Strategy Roadmapping Implementation Kit is a guide based on practitioner insights and experience

  6. Managing Customer Requirements in Volatile Environments: How Flexible Product Development Can Reduce the Cost of Change Locked

    Research | Posted: 2008-02-14

    In fast-paced, competitive markets product requirements seem like a moving target. How can you and your team keep up? While freezing requirements may seem like a good idea, studies demonstrate that product development teams can rarely afford to freeze requirements before any development work begins. The challenge is accommodating change without wreaking havoc on the schedule and budget. In this audio session, Preston Smith presents an approach to Flexible Development that describes how to use the concept of product vision to guide design decisions and feature tradeoffs; how to use front-loaded prototyping to elicit feedback from customers and other stakeholders while the cost of change is low; how to engage both engineering and marketing professionals in customer research activities; how to create leading indicators for requirements change; how to find and involve lead users who will reveal untapped opportunities. (34 pages)

  7. Gaining Customer Insight: Practitioners and Experts Share Their Methods for Discovering Customer Needs Locked

    Research | Posted: 2007-09-06

    This overview of an August 2007 conference summarizes a range of viewpoints about how to gain and incorporate insights from customers. Speakers from such firms as Intel, Boston Scientific, Steelcase, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and others, discussed their experience with a range of customer data-gathering methods from ethnography, to focus groups, to customer design experimentation and value opportunity charts. Experts and key note speakers offered recommendations on how best to translate customer data into features that help product and service offerings succeed in the marketplace. (6 pages)

  8. Insights from General Motors: Balancing VOC with Engineering Creativity and Business Needs Locked

    Research | Posted: 2006-02-24

    Most companies collect Voice of the Customer (VOC) information and many do it well. Tthe biggest challenge, however, lies in how to use that information and to integrate it into strategic product development decisions. MRT spoke with Vince Barabba, former General Manager for Strategy and Knowledge Development at General Motors (GM), to understand the drivers and practices behind VOC research at GM from the leadership perspective. This report contains a practitioner’s first-hand account of the practices, the challenges and the pitfalls of utilizing customer “voice” information in product development illustrated by several brief case examples. (8 pages)

  9. Applying Virtual Customer Methods: VOC Insights from M.I.T. Locked

    Research | Posted: 2005-11-11

    The Virtual Customer Initiative (VCI) at M.I.T. is aimed at developing and testing cutting-edge concepts and techniques to improve the speed, accuracy and usability of customer input in product development. The Initiative focuses on Web-based approaches, developing the basic science of techniques to elicit customer input that can be applied across industries and sectors. This report is a summary of an audio session with Dr. John Hauser, leader of the Virtual Customer Initiative and Head of the Marketing Group at the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management. Dr. Hauser addressed what is now available and what is on the horizon for virtual Voice of the Customer (VOC) methods. (7 pages)

  10. Using Ethnography to Understand Customer Needs: Insights from Microsoft Locked

    Research | Posted: 2005-08-26

    A Conversation with Senior Design Anthropologist Anne Kiel of MicrosoftWhile many product development professionals debate the correct use and weight of customer input in the design and development process, few doubt the importance of understanding customer perspectives, opinions and needs. The application of anthropological skills to R&D is a relatively new strategy, but this bridge between the fields is proving to be both strong and popular. MRT spoke with Anne Kiel, a Senior Design Anthropologist for Microsoft Corporation and a leader in this new area of product development. Before joining Microsoft, Anne practiced field ethnography in Norway and Tibet, and initiated an ethnographic research effort at Boeing. (7 pages)

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