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  1. Highly Recommended Resource for Tech Scouting Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-12

    At MRT's just-held Tech Scouting workshop, participants were eager to discuss their experiences with online marketplaces, search engines and other resources. One that got rave reviews is...

  2. Palm, Inc. Global Partnerships Give a Small Player a Large Footprint Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-03

    The emergence of a global market, however, provides fresh opportunities for smaller enterprises to demonstrate that agility can compensate for size.Today’s worldwide market also demonstrates that a smaller company has plenty of room to make use of the abundance of offshore resources that, leveraged carefully along with its own, can help it to compete with larger firms.Palm, Inc., has been doing precisely that by effectively partnering with non-US based ODM (original design manufacturing) firms to design, develop and launch new products.These offshore firms, especially those in Asia, enlarge its resource base, enabling Palm to have the kind of market presence enjoyed by larger companies in its product space. (6 pages)

  3. Shure Uses Design Alliances to Enable Fast Product Development Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-01-02

    In this report, Laura lan, Program Director for Personal Audio at Shure, Inc. shares her insights into how and why the audio electronics company uses external design partners to speed new products to market. She describes how the firm selects partners and how these partnerships have influenced Shure’s internal processes. Wayne Mackey, a principal at Product Development Consulting, Inc., also presents an overview of design partnerships as a means of decreasing cycle time. Mackey discusses, in particular, how these alliances impact systems engineering, purchasing functions and program management. Click here to download the complete report (6 pages).

  4. Global Co-Development Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-07-01

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