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  1. Study Suggests That Knowing Your Market (and Strategy) Is A Key to Successful Open Innovation Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-01-23

    A 2008 study examining open innovation in the food industry suggests how external partnering may be employed in a way that creates the greatest amount of strategic leverage. The research shows that it is possible for product developers to gain technological capabilities through partnering with external parties, but that this alone does not guarantee a pay-off from open innovation. The research suggests that outcomes from open innovation are highly dependent on market type; the key is to know your market and to discern the method of open innovation that best suits it.

  2. New Research Finds That Suppliers and Customers Are Most Common Open Innovation Partners; Licensing Limited to a Few Industries Only Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-01-16

    A December 2008 working paper of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development identifies some key characteristics of open innovation across countries and across industries. The paper by authors Koen De Backer, Vladimir Lopez-Bassols, and Catalina Martinez (“Open Innovation in a Global Perspective – What Do Existing Data Tell Us?” Directorate of Science, Technology and Industry) notes the lack of empirical, systematic research into open innovation, observing that most of the existing research is based on case studies. The paper also discusses open innovation in light of the increasingly international scope of R&D and innovation, leading to the appearance of global innovation networks.

  3. A Buyer's Market for Intellectual Property? Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2008-11-14

    A quick view of the market for Intellectual Property based on the results of the recent Ocean Tomo auction.

  4. Technology Sourcing for Faster Innovation & Business Growth Conference Highlights Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2008-11-05

    Highlights and tips on Technology Sourcing and Open Innovation from companies like IBM, P&G, Corning, Nokia, Johnson & Johnson and others that have strong innovation cultures, and continue to look outside for sourcing new technologies. These companies are going beyond their core, exploring new markets, and investing in other companies. Their outreach is global, their strategic thinking is long-range. This article is available to registered users of FastTrack. Please note that becoming a registered user of Fast Track is free, and every month we make exclusive, member-only, Fast Track articles available to our registered users. Join Today!

  5. Open Innovation - latest methods for tech acquisition Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-06-28

    At Management Roundtable's "Open Innovation and R&D Alliances" workshop held June 5-6, 2006 in Cambridge MA,itwas clearthat themain motivation behind many partnerships is to acquire new technologies. The session, led by noted alliance expert Gene Slowinski of Rutgers University, was attended by R&D executives from awide range of global companies - including makers of everything from food, cosmetics, paperandgreeting cards to pharmaceuticals, oil, aircraft, automotiveand electronics. Yet, despite the diversity, certain insights and practices emerged that were common to all. (Summary inside)

  6. Legal Meets R&D: An Emerging Practice for Open Innovation Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-24

    Recent FastTrack research has revealed that managing Legal departments and R&D to cooperate more closely is an emerging practice for Open Innovation.

  7. Want, Find, Get and Manage for Success: An Open Innovation Overview Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-24

    Interview with Gene Slowinski, PhD Gene Slowinski, an expert on alliances and co-author of the recent book The Strongest Link, believes that the emergence of Open Innovation is due to the fact that it has become virtually impossible for a single company to develop complete solutions in-house. In this article, he presents a proven model for Open Innovation based on four stages: Want, Find, Get and Manage. Slowinski cites best practice in each phase of this model. He also discusses key challenges to Open Innovation such as IP management, the changing role of the Legal function and the integration of external resources into the phase-gate process. Slowinski’s conclusion: “Every link in the value-added chain must be open for external innovation.” Download the complete report (5 pages) here.

  8. Who Are the Open Innovation Leaders? Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-13

    From what Open Innovation author Henry Chesbrough shared at Codev '06, the following companies have been breaking new ground and re-inventing their product development model.

  9. Resources Suggested by Henry Chesbrough, Open Innovation author Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-13

    In his presentation at the MRT/PDMA conference, Co-Development for Business Growth: Open Innovation and Alternatives (1/31/06), keynote Henry Chesbrough, who literally wrote the bookonOpen Innovation, suggested the following resources and intermediaries to scout new technologies and innovations:

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