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Talk to Your CFO: How to Justify New Product Investments MP3 Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-10-24

MP3 download of Talk to Your CFO: How to Justify New Product Investments

Managing International Projects Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-10-24

MP3 download of Managing International Projects audio session

Leading in China: Building an Executive Team to Drive Success in the World's Fastest Growing New Economy Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-10-22

MP3 download of Leading in China: Building an Executive Team to Drive Success in the World's Fastest Growing New Economy audio session

Negotiating International Business Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-10-19

Few areas present greater challenges and pitfalls than negotiating across cultures. Differing views of acceptable practices and misguided assumptions about a counterpart’s intentions may not only cause friction, they may result in unfavorable or lost deals. In this presentation, Lothar Katz, author of Negotiating International Business – The Negotiator’s Guide to 50 Countries Around The World, discusses the cultural and economic factors that influence attitudes, styles, and bargaining practices and provides clear negotiation do’s and don’ts. Katz covers how to adjust your negotiation style and timing to an international environment; how to deal with unusual negotiation techniques; how to build relationships with your foreign counterparts and speed up the negotiation process; how to avoid conflict around ethical and cultural disagreements and, how to confirm agreement and close dependable contracts. (42 slides)

A Capacity-Based Governance Method for Improving Engineering Performance MP3 Download Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-10-13

MP3 download of A Capacity-Based Governance Method for Improving Engineering Performance audio session

Open Innovation in China - Is it Possible? Audio Session MP3 Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-10-08

MP3 download of panel discussion on Open Innovation in China

Design for Uncertainty Audio Session MP3 Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-10-07

MP3 down for Design for Uncertainty Audio Session

Talk to Your CFO - How to Justify New Product Investments Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-10-05

Many product developers become more broadly involved in business issues as their careers grow. This means that they need to communicate effectively with business and finance executives. But without understanding the financial principles of investments, this is often an uphill battle. This presentation by finance and R&D expert John Farnbach, presents the principles, formulas, metrics, and tools that a financial executive uses to evaluate business investments. Using examples from product development, Farnbach presents the essential financial models for investment analysis; basic concepts such as Discounted Cash Flow and Cost of Capital; a comparison of common new product metrics; spreadsheet functions to calculate investment metrics; and ways to structure the project portfolio for higher financial return. This presentation provides the background information for CTOs, product development executives, product managers, and project leaders to learn to understand the financial executives’ point of view enabling them to build stronger business cases for new product investments. (37 slides)

Gaining Customer Insight: Practitioners and Experts Share Their Methods for Discovering Customer Needs Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-09-06

This overview of an August 2007 conference summarizes a range of viewpoints about how to gain and incorporate insights from customers. Speakers from such firms as Intel, Boston Scientific, Steelcase, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and others, discussed their experience with a range of customer data-gathering methods from ethnography, to focus groups, to customer design experimentation and value opportunity charts. Experts and key note speakers offered recommendations on how best to translate customer data into features that help product and service offerings succeed in the marketplace. (6 pages)

Architectural Trade-Offs & Target Costing for Co-Design Locked

Research | Posted: 2007-08-30

Brad Goldense, President, Goldense Group Inc. The evolution of technology has led to increased complexity in design planning. In today's world of design there are typically several design alternatives available for any given feature. Designers must make choices early in the project as to the best way to implement a given feature. How, then, do most designers choose? Many choose the alternative that facilitates rapid design and/or those that fall most naturally into their own design competencies. Many designers interact with projects, and the planning thereof, at a level of detail below the level at which management makes its trade-offs. Yet, many design trade-off decisions left to lower levels of the organization significantly impact management-level Economic Trade-off Analysis. How does one improve the linkage between the impact of trade-offs made at lower levels and the bottom-line, management-level, analysis? In this feature article, Goldense presents a tool which, in conjunction with Economic Trade-off Analysis, may provide a scalable methodology for helping make such trade-offs. This tool, the "Target Costing For Co-Design Matrix" [TCCM] will add some work to the project up-front, during the Definition Phase, but like most other up-front analyses, claims Goldense, it is usually a worthwhile investment. (4 pages)

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