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Technology and Strategy Roadmapping Implementation Kit

Price: $195

Format: CD or Download

Pages: 47

Deciding which new products and technologies to invest resources in is one of the toughest challenges for many product developers. Strategic roadmapping is one of the most powerful means of not only guiding these decisions, but also aligning them within the organization.

At Boeing Commercial Airplanes, roadmapping has resulted in a dramatic improvement in R&D effectiveness; boosting both innovation and cross-functional collaboration (internal and external). For Boston Scientific, roadmapping has been instrumental for aligning business and market needs and managing risk.  At Agere Systems, roadmapping has helped to identify and leverage technology and market gaps.

Many other companies are deriving great benefits as well. The Technology and Strategy Roadmapping Implementation Kit is a guide based on practitioner insights and experience which will help your organization gain similar benefits.  The Kit offers: 

  • Steps for getting started
  • Practical answers to key questions
  • Metrics for monitoring your progress
  • Information strategy – what information to share – and what not to share
  • Team approaches – who should be involved, how to manage
  • Example roadmaps and charts
  • Lessons learned – do’s and dont’s
  • Leading resources and tools

The summary (.PDF) file contains an overview of roadmapping and interviews with Duane Oda, noted Roadmapping expert from Boeing Company, and Richard Traxler Manager of Technology Planning, Boston Scientific Corporation. The summary document also includes graphical examples of roadmaps from Compaq, Motorola, and NASA, among others. In addition, the kit includes a summary of an audio session with Roadmapping experts, plus a list of noted authorities, web sites and downloadable articles on the topic. Separate files include presentation slides from Boeing, Agere, and Boston Scientific as well as a bonus paper by expert Richard Albright.

Table of Contents

  1. Framework & Overview: Roadmapping—What is technology roadmapping? Why use roadmapping in product development and what are the challenges of implementation?

  2. Boeing Case Example: Aligning Product Development and Technology Activities to the Right Market Opportunities Strategic Roadmapping— Interview with Duane Oda, Product Development Chief, Commercial Airplanes, The Boeing Company.

  3. Boston Scientific Case Example: Using Technology Roadmapping for Product Planning—Interview with Richard Traxler, Manager of Technology Planning at Boston Scientific Corporation.

  4. Roadmapping Metrics & Indicators

  5. Brief Company Examples: Rockwell Automation— (Creating Roadmaps in Stages), Motorola (Roadmapping for Resource Allocation)

  6. Audiosession Summary: Peer-based discussion from leading practitioners about how-to’s and available tools.

  7. Further Resources: List of noted experts, websites, downloadable articles, and tool providers with contact information.

  8. Presentations: Boeing, Boston Scientific, Agere Systems

  9. Bonus Paper: How to use roadmapping for global platform products, by Richard Albright, The Albright Strategy Group LLC (PDMA Visions, Vol. XXVI No. 4, pgs. 19 - 22, October, 2002)

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