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Innovation Metrics Insights from GilletteĀ’s Dr. Ali Alwattari Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-12-15

Dr. Ali Alwattari leads the technical aspects of front-end innovation at Gillette. In a MRT interview earlier this year Dr. Alwattari shared his insights on metrics for innovation based on his professional experience as an innovation practitioner and author.

Dow Corning: The Innovation Index Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-12-01

Framework & Overview: Metrics For Innovation Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-12-01

Dupont:  A Precise Measure of the Innovation Pipeline Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-12-01

Innovation Metrics at Whirlpool: Embedding Innovation as a Core Competency Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-12-01

Presentation by Henry O. Marcy, Vice-President, Corporate Innovationand Technology, Whirlpool CorporationOver the past six years, Whirlpool Corporation, a leader in the appliance industry, has developed an active strategy of product and process innovation. At a November 2005 conference, Whirlpool’s Henry O. Marcy presented his company’s approach to measuring innovation. At Whirlpool, innovation metrics play a role within a wider strategy, the aim of which is to embed innovation as a core competency. Marcy described how innovation metrics fit within the wider metrics system and cited examples drawn from his organization. Download the notes and slide presentation below.Summary (7 pages)Slides (25 slides)

Citibank:  Creating A Snapshot of Innovation Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-12-01

Dana Corporation:  Setting Targets for Innovation Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-12-01

Benchmarks on Metrics for Innovation Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-12-01

Expert Panel: Portfolio Decisions Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-11-25

In this audio session (November 15, 2005) with Charles Shepherd (NCR), Bob Becker (Mercury Computer Systems) and Greg Githens (Catalyst Management Consulting), the participants discuss obtaining the right mix of projects in the portfolio; how to select the best ideas and projects to pursue, and then ensure proper resourcing; how to assess the relative value of breakthrough products versus incremental improvements; "right to market" versus time to market; going outside versus internal development; metrics for portfolio management; and how to get better top management recognition and buy-in on the importance of portfolio management. Download the summary (7 pages) or the full transcript (16 pages)

Portfolio Decisions at Eli Lilly: Resource Management Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2005-11-01

A definition and framework for resource management from Eli Lilly.

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