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The dynamics of product development are changing. Business models are evolving to adjust to the new market realities, and product development methodologies need to keep pace.

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Tapping Into Government by Leveraging the Stimulus Package: Questions and Answers Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-06-22

A recent Management Roundtable audio session, "Tap into Government: Leveraging the Stimulus Package," generated a great deal of interest and numerous questions among members. The audio-session presenter, Susan Ward, President of ITECS, answered participants' questions in a follow-up to the audio-session covering such topics as IP ownership, the availability of grants to large, profitable companies, and the position of sub-contractors in a funded project.

Cutting Costs This Year? How to Slice Expenses While Remaining On Schedule Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-05-27

More and more companies are being forced to take measures this year to reduce expenses. But is there a way to cut expenses and still keep product development projects on schedule? It is all in where, how, and when to wield the knife, says David W. Paulson, President of consultancy Accuer. Paulson suggests how to use tools from Lean Product Development and Theory of Constraints to cut expenses while keeping product development projects on track.

Leveraging the R&D of Federal Labs for Strategic Advantage Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-05-21

Learn the advantages of working with the federal government on R&D projects as well as the process to uncover and engage with these institutions. This is not a procurement program, but a method to bolster your R&D depth by leveraging federal assets.

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