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Technology Scouting to Accelerate Innovation
Implementing an External Sourcing Program

August 4-5, 2009 / Cambridge, MA

Free Bonus! 

Sign up for this workshop by July 1 and receive a complimentary “Technology Scouting Starter Kit: Leading Practices and Resources” * – a 27-page PDF report based on Management Roundtable’s conference “Technology Sourcing for Faster Innovation and Business Growth” chaired by workshop leader, Dr. Jay Paap. This practical kit will give you a jumpstart on the how-to’s to be covered in depth at the workshop. It includes:


·         The role and advantages of tech scouting

·         Leading practices, processes and drivers of success

·         Specific examples, metrics, and incentives used by companies such as P&G, Kraft, Nokia, Avery Dennison, Corning, IBM, Dow and more

·         Trends, directions and further resources.


*Kit will be emailed to you upon receipt of your registration.  ($39.00 value)


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