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Right-Timing Product Design Decisions....

In the best of times, developing new products is far from an exact science.  Small decisions can make a big difference in the success of a new product, but often important decisions are made on instinct because there is not enough information available at the time that the decision is made. Introducing "planned" flexibility into the process can help organizations make better decisions when more information is available. Read more here. [requires brief site registration or FastTrack Membership]

Lean Product Development, Spreading Like Wildfire

Pfizer has chosen to chart a path to lean implementation that is neither top-down nor bottom-up. Instead, it looks for ways to start small “fires” in the organization, observe the results, and then use internal networks to fan the flames. These internal networks also secure senior leadership buy-in in order to develop an integrated strategy. To learn more click here. [requires brief site registration or FastTrack Membership]

Is It a Buyer's Market for Intellectual Property?

We all know the real estate boom is over, but what's the market for Intellectual Property and patents these days? Is now an opportune time to buy?

If Ocean Tomo's auction is an indicator -- and we believe it is -- then the answer is a qualified yes. Supply is greater, prices are down. The qualified part has to do with risk, but then risk is a constant. Read our Quick Insight analysis for more information [requires site membership]

A Maturity Model for R&D Collaboration

Where does your company stand with respect to global R&D collaboration? Maturity model describes four stages of offshore engagement, from least to highest potential value. [Requires site membership]

Examining the Strategic Impact of Investing in External Innovation

Survey by Goldense Group Inc. examines investment in external innovation assets versus innovation training - and the likely strategic impact.  [Requires site membership]

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