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Announcing CoDev2010

Deadlines Approaching for Valuable Early Bird Discounts

Want to focus on high value projects and weed out the projects that are draining precious resources that promise little return?

Attend Product Portfolio Management: Balancing Risk for Maximum Economic Gain  to learn about systems, tools and methods to the separate the big payback projects from the big time wasters. Register by June 26 and save $400!

Register for Technology Scouting to Accelerate Innovation by July 1, 2009 and receive a free copy of the Tech Scouting Starter Kit

Plus, big plans are in the works for this year's CoDev and Open Innovation conference. Register by June 30th and save $500

Five Easy Pieces for Product Developers


  1. Make sure that you are working on the right things (voice of the customer)
  2. Optimize the product development process for speed and value (lean)
  3. Keep an Open Mind (open innovation)
  4. Put All the Pieces Together
  5. Align the Metrics Across the Organization (metrics)

User Generated Metrics for Technology Scouting

An April 2009 Technology Scouting (TS) workshop, including representatives from such companies as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Frito-Lay, Eastman Chemical, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., brainstormed a list of metrics for Technology Scouting. The exercise supported the observation that metrics are emerging as an increasingly important part of corporate venturing (or open innovation) programs in general and scouting programs in particular. In addition to listing input, output and throughput measures for corporate venturing, the article also compares these metrics to an approach to metrics presented by Nokia at another conference. To read more click here. [requires brief site registration or FastTrack Membership]

Are You Actively Monitoring More than 5 Metrics?

If so, you could be wasting time and money. According to Wayne Mackey, impractical and inefficient metrics detract from work and waste time by becoming ends in themselves. A metrics program should include only the “critical few,” says Mackey. To read more click here. [requires brief site registration or FastTrack Membership]

Jump Start Your Technology Scouting Efforts

Are you starting on a Technology Scouting project? Save yourself time and money, get yourself a copy of the Technology Scouting Starter Kit (just $39). Or get it FREE by registering for the top-rated course by Dr. Jay Paap on Technology Scouting before July 1, 2009.

Free Open Innovation Trends Email Newsletter

Management Roundtable and the PDMA will be publishing a free, monthly Open Innovation Trends Newsletter starting in May 2009. You’ll hear the latest thinking in the open innovation community via interviews with top open innovation leaders and leading open innovation experts as well as reviews on current (and past) literature on the topic.  For more information and to subscribe for free, click here.

Get out of the box and into the CUBE!

Demystify and uncomplicate even the toughest product development challenges with the InnovationCUBE.  The InnovationCUBE is a simple, yet deep system of tools and references that help you and your team solve just about any product development challenge and guide difficult decision making. Whether you are trying to improve the customer value of your products and services or looking for a game changing business approach, the InnovationCUBE can help you focus your team to discover the best solutions. Comprised of time tested approaches used by teams from around the world, the CUBE can be used in any phase of your development cycle to reduce wastes and costs, guide project course corrections, uncover new profitable opportunities and address just about any issue in product development. To purchase the InnovationCUBE or for more information, click here.

Nokia's Approach to Technology Scouting

Nokia's "venture capital-like approach" to scouting innovations for new business opportunities includes scanning for opportunities, screening and consolidating the best possibilities, and then validating each of them on both the technology and business sides. Read more here. [requires FastTrack Membership].

Top Ten Observations on Technology Sourcing and Open Innovation

Despite the current economic climate, the push for open innovation and growth shows no sign of letting up. In fact, if anything, it is becoming more important than ever. Companies such as P&G, IBM, Nokia, Kraft Foods, Corning and others are expanding their technology and opportunity scouting efforts. To read more click here. [requires brief site registration or FastTrack Membership]

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